mini link roundup & happy 100th post!

Sam writes up a pretty horrifying future vision of humanity through the eyes of Google Glass:  If you want a picture of the future, imagine a human face grinning moronically at the middle distance – forever. 

Jodi Dean explains the problems with democracy as liberation:

What’s wrong with the notion of demo­cracy as even rad­ical demo­crats have appro­pri­ated it is that it leaves cap­it­al­ism in place. The assump­tion is that if we have enough demo­cracy the prob­lem of cap­it­al­ism will either go away or solve itself — and that’s clearly false. Take Ern­esto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe: their idea of rad­ical demo­cracy is framed spe­cific­ally to keep class from being a primary polit­ical determ­in­a­tion. In the Frank­furt School tra­di­tion Habermas’s dis­tinc­tion between life-​world and sys­tem leaves cap­it­al­ism untouched. The same is true for the focus on civil soci­ety which leaves the mode of pro­duc­tion out of the frame. So the the­or­et­ical reason for my skep­ti­cism is that the left has moved away from an ana­lysis and cri­tique of capitalism

Slavoj Zizek took some time at Birkbeck in London last week to reply to his critics on issues of violence, racism and totalitarianism.

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