a matter of pride

I didn’t write anything about this when I first saw it. I was particularly horrified and could barely watch the whole video. After all, what you’re witnessing is a sexual assault and that doesn’t make me comfortable.

Today I discussed it with a Palestinian woman in a taxi who explained to me all of the social ramifications this woman would be going through because of the video’s publication, how it impacted the pride of Palestinians as a whole. I asked her if she thought the ramifications were going through the head of the young man who was assaulting the woman and through the head of whoever uploaded the clip onto youtube.

“Of course,” she said. “They know what they’re doing. It’s like those photos that soldier posted to facebook several weeks ago. They’re working on shame, sexually humiliating Palestinians. You shame the girl, you shame the old men, you shame those who can’t do anything to help them, and you shame the Palestinians in general when the government fails to raise a protest or take a firm stance against such actions.”

Pride is such a strong thing here. After all, it’s most of what anyone has left.

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